Olga Ruocco about her Kinks Fan Book

I am writing a book which I feel needs to be written, about us, the fans of the Kinks...the ones who buy the compilations, the incessant remasters, who have been up and down with our band, who are old fan-hands and new fans...our group is organic, man!

I have kept all the older submissions, and you will have a chance to update these when I have at least 300 different entries. I am halfway there...which is very surprising, since there are a lot of Kinks fans out there! Everyone has a story to tell, and please let me me the judge of whether it is "boring" or not....I have been so inspired by some of the stories, this band really reaches into people's lives, and I want to tell the stories to the world!

What I would like is a short essay of up to 1000 words including some/all of these themes:

Please email me direct: olga.ruocco@which.net I will reply to all emails.

Many many thanks