Ray Davies, 23.8.2000, Jane Street Theater, New York

  1. To the Bone
  2. Rock and Roll Fantasy
  3. Animal
  4. Next Door Neighbours

  5. I would say a very *Ray* song about next door neighbours,and not giving up your dreams.
  6. Creatures of Little Faith

  7. a relationship song....the woman doesn't trust the man, and he in turn mistrusts the woman - but his suspicions are unwarranted.
  8. Animal Farm
  9. No Return
  10. The Morning After

  11. another relationship song. Lots of noise....this would be a HIT!
  12. The Deal

  13. based on Les Mulligan's dreams of getting a record deal in the US
  14. Americana
  15. The Empty Room

  16. everyone should have one. I think this one was about coming out of a bad patch
  17. That's That

  18. an angry song about the trivilisation of English stand up comedy.
  19. All Day and all of the Night
  20. My Diary

  21. (he insists this is not autobiographical)
  22. Celluloid Heroes
  23. Village Green
  24. I'm not Like Everybody Else
  25. Strange Effect
  26. Otis Riffs

  27. he mentioned some famous bands they worked with in the early days, and there was a drummer called Otis (I've forgotten his surname) and the song was based on a woman hearing this music
  28. Cowboys in Vietnam

  29. another angry song about countries selling out,and cowboys being found in Vietman and wigwams being made in Taiwan, and that sort of stuff.
  30. This Is Where I Belong
  31. Where Have All The Good Times Gone?
  32. Thanksgiving day/ Bridge of Dreams

  33. a reflective song about Thanksgiving Day. not quite finished yet he said.
  34. You Really Got Me

  35. Zugabe

  36. I Need You
Quelle: Olga Ruocco, Chris Kochner (KPS 1433)
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