Ray Davies: Oslo, Rockefeller 1.5.2000

  1. Lola
  2. Sunny Afternoon
  3. Victoria
  4. 20th Century Man
  5. London Song
  6. That Old Black Magic
  7. Tired of waiting, Alcohol (sung with a beer bottle on his head)
  8. Set me free
  9. Dead End Street (a highlight)
  10. See My Friends (sung with real emotion)
  11. I go to sleep
  12. Autumn Almanac
  13. X-Ray
  14. Stop Your Sobbing
  15. Harry Rag (performed acappella by request)
  16. It's alright
  17. I'm not like everybody else (he's hardly sung it better!)
  18. A Well Respected Man
  19. Dedicated Follower of Fashion (a highlight, and he praised our singalong)
  20. The Ballad of Julie Finkle
  21. You really got me (the blues version and the new version)

  22. Zugabe
  23. Waterloo Sunset after several minutes of applause. He's hardly sung it better!

Quelle: KPS Mailing-List (Jon Vidar Bergan)