Ray Davies, Barcelona, 24.1.2000

  1. Lola
  2. Sunny afternoon
  3. Storyteller
  4. Victoria
  5. 20th century man
  6. London song
  7. That old black magic
  8. Tired of waiting
  9. Set me free
  10. Dead end street
  11. See my friends
  12. Autumn almanac
  13. X-Ray
  14. Stop your sobbing
  15. I'm not like everybody else
  16. Dedicated follower of fashion
  17. Well respected man
  18. The money-go-round
  19. Julie Finkle
  20. You really got me (blues version)
  21. You really got me




  23. Waterloo sunset
  24. You Really Got Me
Und wieder: ich konnte die von Madrid nehmen. Ray reproduziert sich selber. Irgendwie doch nicht so anregend, oder? Außer es war die erste Show, dann natürlich nicht (denn gut ist es ja auf jeden Fall, nur nicht auf Dauer). Die Leute die da waren hatten viel Spaß und das ist ja das wichtigste (und ich soll nicht so viel meckern ;-)

Salvador Solé Gil schrieb mir folgendes auf meine erstaunte Frage "drei Mal YRGM":

As answering your e-mail I'll try to make it clear about "You really got me"
in Barcelona.

- Blues version. It really wasn't a full song. It's when Ray explains the
way the people from the record company wanted they to play it. Ray plays it
laughing at it. If I had written the song list probably I wouldn't have
included as a full song, but Carlos did it.
- Storyteller/Acoustic version. Ray explains that people from the record
company left the studio just half an hour before finishing the recording,
and then they stopped playing the blues version, plugged in the green amp
and played YRGM as we all know it in the original recording. But after
explainig this he plays the full song acoustic (as in the Storyteller CD).
- Electric version. In the second encore Ray explains a story not included
in the CD about a concert they did when YRGM was having success, his father
that attended to it, some words he said to him, etc, and he remarks again
the extraordinary importance of YRGM in his life (the future with The Kinks,
and the PROUD his father was for it), and suddenly Peter starts playing the
original riff with the electric distorted guitar, and Ray joins to him
singing and playing acoustic, but sounding totally ELECTRIC (the riff keeps
on)as the original version that we all know. Not acoustic at all. And it
wasn't a full song, just the riff with one verse and the chorus. I would
call it a "reprise". I love "Days", and he didn't play it, but anyway YRGM
electric was a perfect final firework too.

Summary: Yes, three times YRGM (blues/record company request,
acoustic/Storyteller , electric/hard rock).

(Quelle: Michael Jordan und Salvador Solé Gil, KPS Nr. 1323)