3rd Dutch Kinks Fan Meeting, 12/9/99, Photos, Review, Setlist

Photos Review (KPS 1233) Setlists

Die Abfolge war:
Kinda Kinks
Los Kinky Boys (Setlist)
Kast Off Kinks (Setlist)

dazwischen Videos (viele davon kannte ich noch nicht) und am Ende Verlosung danach noch Abendessen mit den Kast Offs, den Organisatoren und einigen anderen Fans, war auf jeden Fall auch lustig (nur gut daß an unserem Tisch keine Holländer saßen, nichts gegen sie, aber vielleicht hätten sie unsere Späße mit ihrer Sprache nicht verstanden).
Photos (alle von mir):
(weitere bei Dave Emlen)

Avory schreibt Autogramme Avory beim Konzert Dave Clarke vor der begeisterten Menge
Dave und John Dalton
noch mal John
und nochmal John Dalton (stand am günstigsten) John Gosling in Konzert
Die Kinda Kinks
Die Los Kinky Boys

Helge (ich) und Hiroshi Uchida Monika und Denise Lattwein (links nach rechts), ich in der Mitte

Mein Review für die Mailinglist:

Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1999 22:15:26 +0200
From: Helge Buttkereit <ges97dup@studserv.uni-leipzig.de>
Subject: The Fan Meeting


just came back from Holland (8 hours through Germany with a not air conditioning train at a VERY hot day), I'm VERY tired too (don't really sleep for two days now and yesterday was hard, but great) and my back HURTS (because the matress were very bad at that cheap place called "hotel") but it was worth, yes very much worth, it was just GREAT. The Kast Off Kinks played a very good set (and long too) with the highlights "Ducks On The Wall", "Skin And Bone", "Muswell Hillbillies" and "Plastic Man" plus the normal "classics". I enjoyed it much standing about 10 centimetres away from the speaker (a bit deaf afterwards of course). Dave Clarke is worth to mention because I think he done his part very good. He have to replace Ray AND Dave what is impossible and he don't try it, just be himself and that is what I like (but the most "cover bands" don't do). The "Los Kinky Boys" were also great, playing "One Fine Day" in a wonderful version, also "This Is Were I Belong" and "All Night Stand" were surprising. I think Rob wants to send the setlist (I don't have it in mind), there were a lot other surprises. It was also very nice meeting Olga, Geoff & Geoff, Hirochi, Stefan, Peter and of course Rob for the first time (and also all the other who I've forgotten now). Also I met Denise, a girl who I know now about one and a half year via phone and mail but not personally, she always send me sice things such as photos and an autograph taken in Salzburg on the cover of my favorite record (Muswell Hillbillies). I think we have a lot of fun and I enjoy it much (but its one of that things you can't really express in words). So just THANK YOU everybody who were there and of course most to the organizers and expecially Rob, the pre-party was great (and funny, when we try to sing Kinks songs and don't even remember the whole lyrics of Lola...).

Best Wishes

Los Kinky Boys Setlist (dank an Rob Kopp)

  1. I'll remember
  2. Just can't go to sleep
  3. Never met a girl like you before
  4. Something better beginning
  5. The world keeps going round
  6. Rosy won't you please come home
  7. Rainy day in June
  8. Little miss queen of darkness
  9. This is where I belong
  10. Animal farm
  11. All night stand
  12. One fine day
  13. She's got everything
  14. Encore: This is where I belong

Kast Off Kinks (dank an Hiroshi Uchida und Sony)

  1. Powerman
  2. Victoria
  3. Waterloo Susset
  4. Ducks On The wall (John Dalton)
  5. Tired Of Waiting For You
  6. Celluloid Heroes
  7. Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
  8. Muswell Hillbilies
  9. Village Green Preservation Society
  10. Lola
  11. Skin & Bone
  12. Till The End Of The day
  13. Sunny Afternoon
  14. Where Have All The Good Times Gone
  15. David Watts
  16. Death Of A Clown
  17. Dead End Street
  18. Banana Boat Song (John Dalton)
  19. Mr. Wonderful (John Dalton)
  20. Plastic Man
  21. Days
  22. Sittin' In My Hotel (auf Niederländisch)
  23. Apeman
  24. Mr. Pleasant
  25. You Really Got Me/ All Day And All Of The Night

  26. Zugaben (nach Hiroshi, kann man sich aber drüber streiten, ich mein es waren keine)

  27. Alcohol
  28. Good Golly Miss Molly