Ray Davies, Southport, Southport Theatre, 29.10.2002

  1. Dedicated Follower Of Fashion (S)
  2. A Well Respected Man (S)
  3. Autumn Almanac (S)
  4. This is where I belong (M)
  5. All she wrote (M)
  6. After The Fall (M)
  7. Sunny Afternoon (M)
  8. No Return (M)
  9. Dead End Street (B)
  10. Next Door Neighbours (B)
  11. Creatures Of Little Faith (B)
  12. That's That (Stand Up Comic) (B)
  13. The Morning After

  15. London Song (B)
  16. 20th Century Man (B)
  17. Tired Of Waiting (B)
  18. Where Have All The Good Times Gone? (B)
  19. Set me free (B)
  20. All day and all of the night (B)
  21. To the bone (B)
  22. Stop Your Sobbing (S)/ You really got me (B)

  24. Waterloo Sunset (M)
  25. Days (B)
  26. Lola (B)

(S) Solo
(M) mit Mark Johns
(B) ganze Band

Quelle: Hiroshi Uchida (E-Mail)