Dave Davies The Cocodrie, San Francisco, CA 20.4.2000


Dann Dave Davies:

  1. Till the end of the day
  2. I need you
  3. She's got everything
  4. Suzannah's still alive
  5. Creeping Jean
  6. Tired of waiting for you ("a tribute to my brother Ray")
  7. Set me free
  8. Gallon of gas Blues/ You're looking fine
  9. Love me till the sun shines
  10. See my friends
  11. Unfinished business
  12. riffs from Lincoln County @
  13. Picture book @
  14. This man he weeps tonight @
  15. Love gets you @
  16. Death of a clown (with guest vocalists from the audience) @
  17. Too much on my mind @
  18. Fortis Green @
  19. Living on a thin line
  20. All day and all of the night
  21. Zugaben

  22. I'm not like everybody else
  23. a short excerpt from Rats/ You really got me

@ ist Dylan-"Internet-Slang" für Akustische Performance (hier meint es Dave auf akkustischer Gitarre)