Dave Davies: Ballhaus Blue (15.10.2001)

  1. Till the End of the Day
  2. I need you
  3. Creepin` Jean
  4. Gallon of Gas/You`re looking fine
  5. Tired of waiting
  6. See my Friend
  7. Nothing more to loose
  8. Bug in my Mind
  9. Dead End Street
  10. In you I believe
  11. There`s too much on my Mind
  12. This Man he weeps tonight
  13. Death of a Clown
  14. Young and innocent Days
  15. Fortis Green
  16. Living on a thin Line
  17. All Day and all of the Night
  18. Zugabe

  19. I`m not like everybody else
Quelle: Stefan Gies (e-mail)